Runner of the Year Award

1) Runner of the Year

ROY is a series of 12 races spread out over the calendar year 2016. Points are awarded to each CCRC member for each race completed.

The list of 2016 ROY races is posted below.

2) CCRC Membership

You may join the CCRC at any time during the year. If you join by April 10, you will receive ROY points for any race you did prior to April 10 as well as all future races.

If you join after April 10, you will receive points only for races done after April 10.

3) Multiple Distances

If there are multiple distances at a particular event ( for example, the Healthcare Classic has a 5 K and a 10 K ), ROY points will be awarded whichever race you choose.

4) Age / Gender Scoring

We will again be using the age / gender scoring system to award points in each race. Runners generally get somewhere between 40 and 70 points for each race.

5) Age Determination

Your age for the year will be whatever your age is on 12/31/2015. This simplifies the points process by not having to change people’s ages throughout the year.

6) ROY Spreadsheet

The ROY “leader board” spreadsheet will be updated on the club’s website as soon as possible after each race.

7) Banquet

At the CCRC’s end of the year banquet, the top ten point-getters will receive a very nice award. The way to make it to the top ten is to run a lot of races. Participation in the ROY races it is far more important than speed.

8) Benefit for Juniors

Any junior ( ages 1 – 14 ) who does a minimum of 4 races will receive an award at the annual CCRC banquet.

9) Volunteer Requirement

Anyone competing for the ROY awards must choose one of the ROY races at which to volunteer. Please choose one of the races and email your choice to Put “ROY Volunteer” in the subject box.

Sign up early. Once the volunteer slots fill up for a particular race, you will have to pick a different race.

Your volunteer assignment will be determined by the race director.

ROY Schedule 2016

Date — Race — Distance — Venu

01) 03/05 Sat — Peter’s Free Wheelin’ — 5K — Dalton

02) 03/12 Sat — Grizzly Trail  — 5K — Dalton

03) 03/17 Thurs– St. Patrick’s Day — 2M — Dalton

04) 04/16 Sat — RFG Run at the Mill — HM, 5K, 10K — Varnell

05) 4/30 Sat Run for John — 5K — Dalton

06) 05/14 Sat — Healthcare Classic — 5K, 10K — Dalton

07) 05/21 Sat — RFG JFest — 5K — East Ridge

08) 08/06 Sat — Missionary Ridge — 5M — Chattanooga

9) 10/15 Sat — Black Bear — 5K — Chatsworth

11) 10/22 Sat — Dalton Red Carpet — HM, 5K — Dalton

12) 11/05 Sat — Family Forever — 5K — Tunnel Hill

13) 12/02 Fri — Silver Bell Sprint — 5K — Dalton